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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Friday, 25 March 2011

HO HO HO - 9 months to GO

I just think this Lee Jacobs design is brilliant - it made me howl with laughter - especially when I put the thumb in the wrong place!   The backing is actually some sticky backed Kanban stuff I bought a couple of years ago and its mounted onto plain red card.  Lee is the chappie who designed the gorgeous Dandelion Fairy that I love

This is the one where the thumb is in the right place ROFL

A Karen Adair Design

Got this with my CUP freebie fiver the other week - its such a lovely fresh card, very pleasing colours - all I added was a piece of ribbon and some tiny gems. Mounted onto a piece of pink spotted card which matched up well with the design. There is a 'Special Wishes' sentiment to go with it, but I have left it blank to put something else.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Mary Queen of Scots

Another Black Bitch (for the uninitiated - that is a person born in LINLITHGOW)  Mary Queen of Scots

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Linlithgow Palace

Have had this kit knocking about for an eternity - and finally got round to completing it.

still needs pressing - but am pleased with this one as well.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Recent Stitching Projects

Have had this graph for YEARS and finally got round to stitching it

Must say  - I am happy with it, got a Mary Queen of Scots to do as well and waiting to hear back about the Linlithgow and M Q of S sampler graphs.  Got a thistle and a saltire with lion rampant to do as well - my own version of Scotch Corner rofl

and this next one - well - this is Mr Frewer's handiwork lol

All the bruises have come out now - and stitches being removed on Monday  yayyyyyyyyyyy!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Kimono-va to my house

Sorry , couldnt resist lol  I love the teensy wee kimonos made with real origami papers - they are REALLY fiddly and I keep forgetting how to make them - even though I do have the instructions written down (Stephanie Weightman showed how to make them yonks ago on C & C)  so the dude makes a few for me and then I remember how to do them lol

Dawn's Diddy Roses

The roses I have been cutting on Robowray are gorgeous and the lady who designed them has made a file of even smaller ones - they are soooooooooo lush!

The variegated one is the original size and the reddish one is the diddy one, well impressed with them

also have coloured the clear gem on the tulip circle with a Sakura pen

LEAF me alone rofl

thought maybe it was time to do some leaves for all these flowers - and had this handy little punch.  There are some done in tissue paper as well - three thicknesses at once with a sheet of 120 gsm paper behind for firmness

the tray is one that contained the little indivudual pot things of jam that you get in cafes - its ideal for little bits like this or beads AND its saving the environment Katrina pmsl

How stunning is this Angela Burke design????

the tulip circle GSD file I bought the other day from Craftsuprint - the WOW factor when I put it together - really delighted with this.

Just realised as well there should be another double layer - will make some more and post the pics of them.

Will have to make up some more of the La Pashe Build-a-blossoms I got as well - have made a couple - but felt they were 'flat' so have used some clear acrylic I have had since - oh my goodness!  over 21 years ago from when I went to night classes for 3d Decoupage! 

I had bought some downloads for CUP and then got a mail saying that there was a chance of a FREE £5 voucher - which was most acceptable!  I chose some GSD files which can be used as woodworking templates too - so that was a bonus, and  a Lee Jacobs Decoupage - the chappie who designed the fabby Dandelion Fairy - wait til you see this one - I keep having a chuckle at it, and a really pretty design by Karen Adair.  Have got these printed out and will probably make them up on Monday.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Just when you thought you were safe........

MORE flowers lol

This was a file by a lady called DAWN on UKS - the GSD version.

cut - VERRRRRRRRRRRY carefully with an iridescent pinky paper from Kanban - and a gem from the pound shop pack

Its sitting on top of a piece opf brown vellum I have used to cut the Tulip design bought on CUP and designed by Angela Burke - stay tuned for photos of the other files

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

On the Wall lol

Well my Homage to Hilda is in place - its making me giggle

Homage to Hilda Ogden

Looking through one of the '2 Hour Cross Stitch' books I found the three geese/ducks and thought it would be rather funny to stitch them and put on the wall above the TV

Once they are on the wall I will take another picture to show them in situ

Nearly Finished

Its not just cards I like doing the same but different colourways, I also like doing that in cross stitch

These are samplers from a January 2003 Magazine.  The white one was finished sometime that year and one band of the black done.  When I was sorting all the threads and cloth out there recently I found the magazine and the samplers so decided that I had to finish the black one.  Not much to do of it now

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


How come its Wednesday?  where did the time go?  been stitching, sleeping, ebaying over the last few days lol