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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Updated Bench lol

With fold-down side tables.

Still to be stained and the Fleur d'Lys added and the long padded seat made - its still comfy without it :)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Thank You's

One of my friends was needing some thank you cards and this is the result - I wanted to do something special

I finished them of with little dots of glitter

The Dude done good!

Am really REALLY tickled pink  with his latest project .  I have always wanted a garden bench , my parents had one and it was nice to sit out there in the sunshine.  The ones I really liked had to be the expensive ones - over £200 each so thought better of it.

Our lovely neighbour brought the dude home some stripped down pallets which were going to be scrapped and THIS is the result.

All that is needed now is for it to be stained and me to make a detatchable seat pad

Thursday, 14 July 2011

A Little Project............

Many moons ago I bought some semi-circular boxes - you open them up and discover they have a little mirror in the lid and a large and two small compartments.  Fabulous jewellery boxes.  I must have bought a few dozen of them.  With almost being in the new room I decided now was the time to decorate them.

There is a lot of potential there :).  I have about six here at the moment - any others are in a bag in the loft lol

Stayed tuned for the finished results

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Found this pic lol

of a card I did for a letter 'J' swap - typical that it got lost in the post - but soooooooooooooooo glad I had taken a pic -

Can any of you tell what is REALLY unusual about this card

The Room so far........

I have been moving my stash up since my last post - still a few bits to go then the debris from the dining room and the puter desks gone through  and mainly binned - when that is finished I can get the dining room decorated and the table and chairs put in WOOOHOOOOO

So the room so far is looking lush - I keep walking into the middle of it and grinning - cant wait to get crafting in there (see - being really good and NOT getting side tracked from the tidy up by making things)

Boxes of 'bits' to be sorted

I love this 12 drawer trolley from Costco
Large plastic storage boxes and the drawers have come in handy as well

The drawers were actually 2 large and 2 small drawers and I had 4 left (gave away a couple to someone and the dude has one in the shed lol) to save floor space I built them up double sized
 The smaller plastic storage box on top (left side) has punches, lots and lots of punches
Standing at the door looking in - even the cupboards are full now and the pigeon holes are fuller.

Thinking of getting one of the hardboard pasting tables out of B & M for a tenner to use as a mega crafting table for the time being - will be able to get a knitting machine on it :)  I have a metal puter desk thing which is going in there too - idea for when the lappy goes up there and a new printer (psst  - it would be really really nice to get a robo up there too )  can also use it when using the sewing machine.

I havent shown pics of the other side of the room - there are cardboard boxes of Family Tree stuff which is going to be packed into the spare plastic storage ones.

Its taken a wee while to get this far - but it is well worth it