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Saturday, 26 February 2011


decided to have a bit of a clear out so have listed a couple of things on ebay

loads more added - and cross stitch books, and graphs will be added tomorrow

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Cute wee stitched pics

from an old quick and easy pull out - they must be about 15 yrs old the mags - but are still as cute as ever

The frame itself is only 2 inches by 3 inches

                                                                    and this one -

 frame is approx 2 and a half x 4 inches - the wee smile is soooooo cute

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mounted and framed

the dust cross stitch with a mount I designed and cut on robo

and an old one which also makes me giggle

This is just SO perfect for a crafter lol

Going through some old cross stitch graphs I found this one too - it made me giggle.  Still to press mount and frame it yet - but you get the gist :)

Also used the threads from the scrappy bundles for this one - just shows how much gets thrown away .

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Wee Cross Stitch or Two

Using some of the scrappy bundles of threads and an off cut of Aida - have done this a few times before - think its just perfect for framing - still needs pressing

and then this design as well which would have the name , date and weight stitched on as well

I haven't done any stitching for yonks , so it was lovely to sit and chill doing this today.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Monday, 21 February 2011


tra la la la la la - ALL the threads untangled and bundled AND all the punched cards with the left overs from kits bundled up as well. 

Now to sort out the wee bits of Aida - lots of little toppers can be made and keyrings

Oh what a tangled..........................

load of thread bits!  

I can't help it , I am thrifty and when cross-stitching I always keep the wee bits left over and pop them in a bag.  I then will spend yonks untangling them from the big blob and bundle them, tying them into a knot and using them for little projects.  In fact I am even going to try stitching on cards as I have been lucky enough to have been sent some and just love the effect - so I want to do it myself now!
The tangled mess to unravel!

and then bundled up.

I finally at the end of last week finished winding all the new skeins of thread onto bobbins - a couple of years ago we had bought Anchor and DMC threads in bulk from Ebay for peanuts.  It was really satisfying seeing them all in the boxes.

Multi-functional Card

Can be used for female birthday, Mother's Day, Easter, get well soon.  Another freebie from

The sentiment has still to be added - will decide what it is later on lol - and I think that a peel off round the apeture would really finish it off a tad better.

Penny Slider Easter Card

A freebie download from - they actually have a really good selection of them!

Isn't this a fun card though - it made me smile.

For those who haven't seen one before - you use 2 x1p coins to make the 'mechanism' to allow the movement.  This is actually the first one I have made :)

Easter Egg Cards

Using the eggs and mats, vintage decoupage, all cut with Robo and purchased from Craftsuprint these are the start of the cards for the Community Centre.

Very impressed with Craftsuprint - anything I have wanted recently has been available - these eggs are just so useful, the top layers - of which there are six different styles of design was a very good buy.  The vintage decoupage print and cut has 4 different images and their layers .  Yep - hats off to CUP!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Variation on a Martha Stewart Template - and a cheat lol

On one of the freebie sites I found the template for peonies BUT, there was a lot of faffing about and I am a tad impatient so using Folio Florists Craft Paper bought at Country Baskets I cut out the petal templates and came up with this.  The paper is fairly firm but can be shaped easily

I can see the potential for some really stunning flowers using this template - next time we go to CB will get some of the florists tissue paper and actually make the peonies.

And this is my cheat lol - a flower  I bought in Wibra in Bruges with a hair clasp lol it was the equivelant of 58p!

Blast from the Past Carnation

was just sitting, pondering - as you do on a Sunday  - about the Galaday back in Linlithgow - and the times we all made paper flowers to deorate arches , gardens and floats.

This is the old faithful toilet paper carnation

4 sheets of unused toilet paper, placed on top of each other and folded concertina fashion then stapled in the middle to hold together

Cut the ends into curves, then using a felt tip of a contrasting colour, brush over the end so it is all covered.
starting at the topmost sheets, gently seperate from the 2nd layer of the toilet paper, then do the other side, folding the ends into each other, do this til the whole 8 layers are done.

WORD OF WARNING : Do NOT use for the original purpose after the staples are there


Saturday, 19 February 2011

Carnation inspired by Mags aka Beasnanny

I loved the look of the carnation she made with old coffee filters but sat and worked out how to do it on robo.  I will try and attach the GSD file for it.  The 5 parts are cut then if you place them on top of each other and snip down on the petals.  Fold them in half, then half again then fold back half one way half the other, glueing as you go.  do that with 3 of them and on one cut a bit out of the bottom.  Other 2 parts cut quarter away out of one , then on other an eighth.  wrap round the 3 central bits (clearer instructions AND pics of step by step on 

I cut it in vellum, so its stiffer, will try with lighter weight medium tomorrow

aaaaargh - can't post the GSD file - so if you do want it contact me and I will mail it to you 

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Ribbon Flowers

Had never made the roses with wired ribbon before , but rather pleased with the results.  The Voile ribbon one is with a running thread and gathered

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

More flowers

cut flowers flowers and more flowers on Robowray - have also downloaded instructions on how to make ribbon roses to use up some of the ribbon stash

Monday, 14 February 2011

Paintbox Poppets etc

I just love the innocence of these images, had the decoupage for yonks and made them up - I think they would be lovely framed.....


nah - NOT for Valentines lol I don't 'DO' flowers as they make me sneeze and wheeze, but I DO love flowers and floral images.  Using  Robowray I have been cutting out the elements to make up my own embellishments

These are like gerbera

and these are the bits for poinsettas

I got slightly carried away with them and have cut hundreds out lol

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Part of my Craft Area

I am really lucky that this house has a 'dining room'  - well thats what the council say it is - but to me it is MY craft room - well its where I am most of the time and where most of my stash is.  Material and wool and packs of a4 white card are upstairs.

This is what how the units looks when tidy - it DOES happen sometimes lol.  Under the pigeon holes/shelving are cupboards with card blanks, blocks of card and photo papers


I put my hand up to the fact that I love embellishments, there are so many fantastic wee bits and pieces you can get and over the last few years I have bought loads, but I also make a lot of them. 

Flowers - I love the layered flowers that everyone seems to be using - but I have been cutting then for ages on my Robo - its really handy having bags of them ready to use. As I type this I am cutting out poinsettas in a variety of colours and mediums.  They are stunning cut out in vellum and because the machine does the work for you, you can make countless numbers of them so you dont feel as bad using them lol
I did find somewhere online how to make ribbon roses - will need to find it again and make some with all the ribbon I have here - hmmm - tartan roses would be different .  Talking of tartan ribbon , I made batches of the ribbon bows for the Christmas Tree - and for hooks I used paper clips - they looked really effective

Tassles - well tassles - what can I say?  They are sometimes THE only thing that will finish off a project.  I was lucky enough to be given loads and loads of wool and amongst it was fine silky cord which was perfect for making tassles - within half an hour I had a couple of dozen made - and since I had been given the wool/cord it cost me nothing.

Metal embellishments - I leave that to the Dude lol.  We bought some fine wire out of the pound shop and he made dozens of the little wire coat hangers, and then used pliers to shape all sorts of things.  We had some coloured wire as well and with that he made flowers

A lot of companies sell  'fibres' and looking at them I realised that it was furry wool!  Erm - so I guess I have a lot of that too then lol

Friday, 11 February 2011

Made up KIzzy Dizzy Cards

Kizzy Dizzy do some amazing card kits.  I know to some people they are print and cut, but I feel there is that bit more to these - the designs are fantastic and you can leave them as they are or add your own touches with embellishments. I also like the fact that you can print the matching envelopes

These are two rather sweet Easel cards

and this one which is such an elegant design

Alan Dart Heirloom Bears

I just love this guys designs - they are just so perfect! The heirloom bears are well worth the time taken to knit them.  I have used various wools .  The pattern was free in a Knitting magazine

More Robo stuff

This design is by Sylvia F from UK Scrappers - it is just SOOOOOOO lush

I love doing different colourways  the effects are amazing


I love using my Craft Robo - what a clever piece of machinery it is.  I use UK Scrappers for a lot of my free cutting files and also Monica's site (known as Silene on UKS)  This is one of her cards in different colourways

Buying in Bulk - bargain hunters take note is

Not able to do much today due to neck pain so have been pootling about tidying up my stash - and found the large tube/bottle of glue for glitter - the week I bought a new one . LOL  But in all fairness I DID need the nozzle and the glue will be used up.

It got me thinking of costs  of things you use all the time  - rolls of DST  - whenever I get the chance to go to one of the Craft shows or Kanban I stock up on it the last show I went to at Harrogate it was about 20 large rolls for a fiver.  One of the pound shops - when we were in Blackpool in Oct 2009 had the foam pads - A4 sheets - four sheets in a pack - a great bargain - bought a tenners worth. 
Nail gems, which are so useful work out about 80p a wheel of 2500 if you buy them in bulk on Ebay -same with ribbon. 20 to 25 mtr rolls of lovely satin ribbon - 50 reels was under £20 inc p & p.  But THE best bargain for ribbon had to be at Leeds market where reels -anything up to 500mtrs was £1 . 

Life is like a Box of Chocolates

I bought some Daisie downloads - bakery boxes etc and made some chocolates for in some others