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Sunday, 13 February 2011


I put my hand up to the fact that I love embellishments, there are so many fantastic wee bits and pieces you can get and over the last few years I have bought loads, but I also make a lot of them. 

Flowers - I love the layered flowers that everyone seems to be using - but I have been cutting then for ages on my Robo - its really handy having bags of them ready to use. As I type this I am cutting out poinsettas in a variety of colours and mediums.  They are stunning cut out in vellum and because the machine does the work for you, you can make countless numbers of them so you dont feel as bad using them lol
I did find somewhere online how to make ribbon roses - will need to find it again and make some with all the ribbon I have here - hmmm - tartan roses would be different .  Talking of tartan ribbon , I made batches of the ribbon bows for the Christmas Tree - and for hooks I used paper clips - they looked really effective

Tassles - well tassles - what can I say?  They are sometimes THE only thing that will finish off a project.  I was lucky enough to be given loads and loads of wool and amongst it was fine silky cord which was perfect for making tassles - within half an hour I had a couple of dozen made - and since I had been given the wool/cord it cost me nothing.

Metal embellishments - I leave that to the Dude lol.  We bought some fine wire out of the pound shop and he made dozens of the little wire coat hangers, and then used pliers to shape all sorts of things.  We had some coloured wire as well and with that he made flowers

A lot of companies sell  'fibres' and looking at them I realised that it was furry wool!  Erm - so I guess I have a lot of that too then lol

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