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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Blast from the Past Carnation

was just sitting, pondering - as you do on a Sunday  - about the Galaday back in Linlithgow - and the times we all made paper flowers to deorate arches , gardens and floats.

This is the old faithful toilet paper carnation

4 sheets of unused toilet paper, placed on top of each other and folded concertina fashion then stapled in the middle to hold together

Cut the ends into curves, then using a felt tip of a contrasting colour, brush over the end so it is all covered.
starting at the topmost sheets, gently seperate from the 2nd layer of the toilet paper, then do the other side, folding the ends into each other, do this til the whole 8 layers are done.

WORD OF WARNING : Do NOT use for the original purpose after the staples are there



  1. Oh She you are bloody fantastic xxxx

  2. I like the unused.The other would be a bit soggy.
    It,s lovely She.

    Kathleen x

  3. Oh this is great She must have a go!!

    Love Sheila xx

  4. Oh I like that. I'm Jen636 on Joanna's Forum and Jenny Johnson on Facebook. Jenny x