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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Carnation inspired by Mags aka Beasnanny

I loved the look of the carnation she made with old coffee filters but sat and worked out how to do it on robo.  I will try and attach the GSD file for it.  The 5 parts are cut then if you place them on top of each other and snip down on the petals.  Fold them in half, then half again then fold back half one way half the other, glueing as you go.  do that with 3 of them and on one cut a bit out of the bottom.  Other 2 parts cut quarter away out of one , then on other an eighth.  wrap round the 3 central bits (clearer instructions AND pics of step by step on 

I cut it in vellum, so its stiffer, will try with lighter weight medium tomorrow

aaaaargh - can't post the GSD file - so if you do want it contact me and I will mail it to you 


  1. well done She. Hadn't thought of trying vellum - though must confess the one I made with the coffee filter was perhaps the most effective of the ones I made as it was so soft. Am going to try and make one on a stem as I would in sugar. Great idea to use Robo though if you are able to create right shapes - cheaper than a punch! and of course you can then adapt the size - I was limited to the punch I had. I reckon a nestie would be quite good too as that would have a lot of scallops.

    Mags x

  2. WOW She! You are a dark horse! Lol! I didn't know you had a blog! It's now safely doen in my favourites. Your flowers are fabulous and so are you card!!. I'll be back!!

    Love Sheila xx