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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Variation on a Martha Stewart Template - and a cheat lol

On one of the freebie sites I found the template for peonies BUT, there was a lot of faffing about and I am a tad impatient so using Folio Florists Craft Paper bought at Country Baskets I cut out the petal templates and came up with this.  The paper is fairly firm but can be shaped easily

I can see the potential for some really stunning flowers using this template - next time we go to CB will get some of the florists tissue paper and actually make the peonies.

And this is my cheat lol - a flower  I bought in Wibra in Bruges with a hair clasp lol it was the equivelant of 58p!


  1. Good first attempt She. My Dad used to buy the most incredible "artists" crepe paper to make his flowers many years ago. I know he used to go up to a shop called PaperChase in London to buy it. Wish we had a CB near us - think I would be in heaven!


  2. meant to add - if you make tiny ones - you can dip them in UTEE and make enamelled ones - there is a piccie on my blog somewhere of ones Ellie and I made.

  3. I love doing miniatures - something really satisfying about that :)

    And if you are ever through this way we can head to Country Baskets - oh and Kanban rofl