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Friday, 11 February 2011

Buying in Bulk - bargain hunters take note is

Not able to do much today due to neck pain so have been pootling about tidying up my stash - and found the large tube/bottle of glue for glitter - the week I bought a new one . LOL  But in all fairness I DID need the nozzle and the glue will be used up.

It got me thinking of costs  of things you use all the time  - rolls of DST  - whenever I get the chance to go to one of the Craft shows or Kanban I stock up on it the last show I went to at Harrogate it was about 20 large rolls for a fiver.  One of the pound shops - when we were in Blackpool in Oct 2009 had the foam pads - A4 sheets - four sheets in a pack - a great bargain - bought a tenners worth. 
Nail gems, which are so useful work out about 80p a wheel of 2500 if you buy them in bulk on Ebay -same with ribbon. 20 to 25 mtr rolls of lovely satin ribbon - 50 reels was under £20 inc p & p.  But THE best bargain for ribbon had to be at Leeds market where reels -anything up to 500mtrs was £1 . 

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