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Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Room so far........

I have been moving my stash up since my last post - still a few bits to go then the debris from the dining room and the puter desks gone through  and mainly binned - when that is finished I can get the dining room decorated and the table and chairs put in WOOOHOOOOO

So the room so far is looking lush - I keep walking into the middle of it and grinning - cant wait to get crafting in there (see - being really good and NOT getting side tracked from the tidy up by making things)

Boxes of 'bits' to be sorted

I love this 12 drawer trolley from Costco
Large plastic storage boxes and the drawers have come in handy as well

The drawers were actually 2 large and 2 small drawers and I had 4 left (gave away a couple to someone and the dude has one in the shed lol) to save floor space I built them up double sized
 The smaller plastic storage box on top (left side) has punches, lots and lots of punches
Standing at the door looking in - even the cupboards are full now and the pigeon holes are fuller.

Thinking of getting one of the hardboard pasting tables out of B & M for a tenner to use as a mega crafting table for the time being - will be able to get a knitting machine on it :)  I have a metal puter desk thing which is going in there too - idea for when the lappy goes up there and a new printer (psst  - it would be really really nice to get a robo up there too )  can also use it when using the sewing machine.

I havent shown pics of the other side of the room - there are cardboard boxes of Family Tree stuff which is going to be packed into the spare plastic storage ones.

Its taken a wee while to get this far - but it is well worth it

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  1. Its looking good She. A pasting table may not be strong enough? Do you have an Ikea near by? I bought a table from them and it was £14 - very strong, so I bought another. I will share some pics of my craft room on my blog later. Its always good to see others and get some ideas. I look forward to seeing it finished :D